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Editing/writing automaton. Lead List Editor at Collider. Contributing writer at Parade. Tennessee, sometimes LA. Forbes called me a "sneering critic" because I disliked Don't Look Up. Curated and wrote a list of the 100 best movies ever made, mostly while I had a Golden Retriever named Mister Chow on my head. I just got Letterboxd and I have no idea how it works.

Julie Andrews once complimented something I wrote to my editors. Betty White once gushed over a photo of my late pooch, Beethoven. William Friedkin once jokingly called me "dad" at a screening of my favorite movie, The Babadook. 

I have beaten Resident Evil 4 (both versions) numerous times, playing on all levels including Hardcore and Professional. 

I usually win at movie trivia. I always win at Madonna trivia. 

Life-Lessons-Sidney-Prescott-Learns-in-the-Scream-Movies- 1
7 Life Lessons Sidney Prescott Learns in the 'Scream' Movies

The ultimate final girl is as relatable as she is resilient.

10-Worst-Family-and-Kids-Movies-of-All-Time,-According-to-IMDb (1) 1
Scariest-Wes-Craven-Scenes,-Ranked- 1
Wes Craven
The 7 Scariest Wes Craven Movie Scenes of All Time, Ranked

"Never sleep again." The most terrifying sequences from the master of horror.

Goldfinger-The-Sound-of-Music-Peeping-Tom 1
12 Movies From the 1960s Everyone Should See At Least Once

Essential, entertaining classics from 'Psycho' to 'The Sound of Music.'

Star-Wars-Cabaret-Halloween (1) 1
10 Movies From the 1970s Everyone Should See At Least Once

Enduring classics from 'The Godfather' to 'Alien.'

The-Wizard-of-Oz-Snow-White-and-the-Seven-Dwarfs-City-Lights 1
12 Movies From the 1930s Everyone Should See At Least Once

Influential, historic movies that hold up as entertainment.

10-Reasons-Kyle-Katarn-Should-Be-Re-Canonized-in-Star-Wars- 1
"Just A Guy With a Lightsaber": 10 Reasons Kyle Katarn Should Be Re-Canonized in 'Star Wars'

Before there was Andor, there was Katarn, the "Chuck Norris" of the galaxy.

10-Disney-Films-About-Outcasts-Finding-Their-Place- 1
12 Disney Movies About Outcasts Finding Their Place

Outcasts finding their place in the world is basically Disney's bread and butter.

7-Worst-Best-Picture-Oscar-Nominees-of-the-21st-Century,-According-to-Rotten-Tomatoes 1
Notorious-It's-a-Wonderful-Life-Double-Indemnity 1
10 Movies From the 1940s Everyone Should See At Least Once

Entertaining, must-see classics from a golden age of filmmaking.

10-Movies-From-the-1950s-Everyone-Should-See-At-Least-Once- 1
10 Movies From the 1950s Everyone Should See At Least Once

Essentials for cinephiles and casual viewers alike.

Worst-Superhero-Movies-of-All-Time,-According-to-Rotten-Tomatoes 1
10-Worst-Sci-Fi-Movies-of-All-Time,-According-to-Rotten-Tomatoes- 1
The 10 Worst Science Fiction Movies of All Time, According to Rotten Tomatoes

These sci-fi films boldly went where they shouldn't have.

Most-Romantic-Hitchcock-Movies,-Ranked- 1
Alfred Hitchcock
The Most Romantic Alfred Hitchcock Movies of All Time, Ranked

"Only one is a wanderer; two together are always going somewhere."

10-Worst-Action-Movies-of-All-Time,-According-to-Rotten-Tomatoes 1
The 10 Worst Action Movies of All Time, According to Rotten Tomatoes

Stuff blows up... then crashes and burns.

10-Worst-Movies-of-All-Time,-According-to-Rotten-Tomatoes 1
Rotten Tomatoes
The 10 Worst Movies of All Time, According to Rotten Tomatoes

The absolute bottom of cinema's barrel, according to critics.

10-Worst-Horror-Movies-of-All-Time,-According-to-Rotten-Tomatoes 1
The 10 Worst Horror Movies of All Time, According to Rotten Tomatoes

Oh, the terror! ...And not in a good way.

worst movies of all time according to imdb 1
10 Worst Movies of All Time, According to IMDb

The fans have spoken: these movies suck.

Worst Comedies  1
worst thrillers of all time  1
10 Worst Thrillers of All Time, According to Rotten Tomatoes

Warning: No actual thrills ahead.

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