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Samantha is a News Editor for Collider and a known sci-fi and horror junkie. She has previously written for Tell-Tale TV and is a co-host at The Afictionados Podcast Network. In her free time, she can be found hanging out with her wife, tweeting about romance, and making playlists.

strange-new-worlds-tawny-newsome-jack-quaid-star-trek 1
'Star Trek: Starfleet Academy' to Film in 2024, Alex Kurtzman Says It Will Be Funny

'Lower Decks' star Tawny Newsome is part of the writers room for the new spin-off series.

Star-Trek-Prodigy-Voyager-Crew-Janeway-Chakotay 1
'Star Trek: Prodigy' Has Found a New Streaming Home

The campaign to #SaveStarTrekProdigy has been successful! Here's where you can watch the animated series later this year!

badgey-star-trek-lower-decks 1
'Star Trek: Lower Decks' Season 4 Sneak Peek — Badgey Is Back for Blood [Exclusive]

'30 Rock's Jack McBrayer returns as the voice of Badgey in this exclusive sneak peek at the next episode of 'Star Trek: Lower Decks' Season 4.

Mike-McMahan-Star-Trek-Lower-Decks 1
'Star Trek: Lower Decks' Creator Talks Season 4, Crossovers, Guest Stars & Franchise Future

Mike McMahan also shares high praise for Tawny Newsome ahead of 'Starfleet Academy' and teases an epic finale for 'Lower Decks' Season 4.

star-trek-lower-decks-season-4-poster-featured 1
'Star Trek: Lower Decks' Creator Teases Big Conceptual Swings for Season 4 Finale

“There’s some really cool stuff in [Episodes] 9 and 10 that I’ve purposefully held back from everybody.”

Lower-Decks-Strange-New-Worlds-Ethan-Peck-Jack-Quaid 1
'Star Trek: Lower Decks' Creator on Teaming Up With 'Strange New Worlds' for That Crossover

"We went from making important Star Trek to making fun Star Trek, and sometimes you can do both."

rom-leeta-lower-decks-star-trek 1
'Star Trek: Lower Decks' Creator Talks Bringing Back 'Deep Space Nine's Rom and Leeta

"I kind of can't believe that, like, over a decade later, I finally got to repay that kindness in a way that honored the character that she made."

aabria-iyengar-dimension-20 1
'Dimension 20's Aabria Iyengar on 'Burrow's End,' Leveling Up the Dome & the Rise of DND

Iyengar also discusses the WGA and SAG-AFTRA strikes, the inspiration behind 'Burrow's End,' and shares advice for TTRPG newcomers!

dimension-20-burrows-end 1
'Dimension 20': DND Game Master Aabria Iyengar Praises Heroes of the WGA and SAG-AFTRA Strikes

"Let's have a moment where we can treat the high complexity situation as a monster to be slayed, and let's do it and use that to bolster our resolve.”

aabria-iyengar-dimension-20-gm 1
'Dimension 20's Aabria Iyengar Reveals the Inspiration for 'Burrow's End' DND Campaign

"This is a season for the kids that absolutely flourished during silent reading in elementary school."

Eli-Roth's-Thanksgiving 1
Eli Roth Finally Reveals Why It Took 15 Years to Bring ‘Thanksgiving’ to the Big Screen

‘Thanksgiving’ slasher will be “totally bonkers,” says Roth.

star-trek-very-short-treks-holograms-all-the-way-down 1
'Star Trek's Newest 'Very Short Trek' Finally Hits the Mark With Hilarious Holograms

"Holograms All the Way Down" brings in characters from across the whole Star Trek franchise including 'Enterprise,' 'Deep Space Nine,' and 'Prodigy.'

Star-Trek-Chris-Pine-Sofia-Boutella-Zachary-Quinto 1
‘Star Trek 4’ Writer Confirms Next Movie Is "Still on the Tracks”

The next installment in the Chris Pine and Zachary Quinto-led reboot series has been trapped in development limbo since early 2022.

kaitlyn-dever-brynn-no-one-will-save-you 1
'No One Will Save You' Review: Kaitlyn Dever Kills It in Thrilling Sci-Fi Horror

Brian Duffield’s thought-provoking creature feature promises to become a favorite among lovers of both genres.

dimension-20-burrows-end 1
New Dimension 20 Trailer Takes Brennan Lee Mulligan & Aabria Iyengar to 'Burrow's End'

Iyengar returns as the Game Master for the next DND campaign inside the dome.

stranger-things-who-is-vecna-feature 1
'Stranger Things' Play Sets Full Cast for 'The First Shadow'

Meet the actors bringing young Joyce and Hopper to the West End this fall!

star-trek-lower-decks-season-4 1
'Star Trek: Lower Decks' Cast Beams Up Promotions in Behind the Scenes Video [Exclusive]

In a new featurette, Tawny Newsome, Jack Quaid, Noël Wells, Eugene Cordero & more discuss the new promotions for our favorite Cerritos crew members.

holiday-party-short-trek-star-trek 1
Spock Doesn’t Know What Bloopers Are in New ‘Star Trek: Very Short Treks’ Short

Ethan Peck, Doug Jones, Bruce Horak, Celia Rose Gooding, and Gia Sandhu reprise their roles from 'Strange New Worlds' and 'Discovery.'

The-Nun-II-End-Credits-Scene-Explained 1
star-trek-lower-decks-barry-kelly 1
'Star Trek: Lower Decks' Director Barry Kelly on Season 4's Love Letter to 'Voyager'

Kelly also spoke about new character designs in Season 4 & how animation allows the series to boldly go beyond what live-action can do!

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