The Big Picture

  • The King's Man was originally planned as a TV series but was turned into a film, offering a new perspective on the creation of the espionage franchise.
  • The prequel explores the story of Orlando and his determination to change the world through his spy organization, laying the foundation for the original Kingsman films.
  • The next installment in the franchise, titled The Traitor King, will focus on the rise of Hitler and how he was supported by the English aristocracy, drawing eerie parallels to current events and emphasizing the importance of the story.

The King's Man brought a new perspective to Matthew Vaughn's espionage franchise back when it was released in 2021, showing audiences how the secret organization tasked with protecting the world was created. A deep bond between a man and his son was at the heart of the agency's first steps. But apparently, before the story was told through a movie meant for theatrical release, it was supposed to be a television series, Vaughn told Collider's Maggie Lovitt during an interview at this year's edition of the New York Comic-Con. The filmmaker revealed that he had different plans for the prequel before he was persuaded to turn it into a movie:

"The King's Man was originally meant to be a TV series and I got persuaded to make it as a film. What we wanted to do was something like 'The Crown' but with espionage and a bit of a Kingsman hit going through all of the decades."

The prequel told the story of Orlando (Ralph Fiennes), an aristocrat responsible for creating an information network using people who worked close to prominent political figures from around the world. Before his wife passed away, she made him promise that he would never allow their son, Conrad (Harris Dickinson) to find himself involved in a war. Even if he couldn't keep his promise due to the boy's enthusiasm to join the army, Orlando was determined to change the world through his spy organization, setting the stage for the establishment of the institution seen in the original Kingsman films.

Set decades before the events of the movies starring Taron Egerton as Eggsy, the prequel had the opportunity to stand out from the rest of the franchise due to how the main characters had to accomplish their missions without the extensive range of technology modern-day could offer to spies such as Harry Hart (Colin Firth). The King's Man went on to earn $126 million at the worldwide box office during a time when the pandemic was still directly affecting theatrical attendance.

'The King's Man's Post Credits Scene Sets Up the Next Installment in the Franchise

Ralph Fiennes in The King's Man as Orlando Duke of Oxford
Image via Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures

Vaughn went on to discuss the film's post-credits scene which features the introduction of David Kross as Adolf Hilter. “The next one it’s it is about the rise of Hitler, and how Hitler did come to power and basically was supported by the English aristocracy," Vaughn told Lovitt of the next movie's plot. He also revealed that they've "written it and it's pretty cool." He notes that the time period is eerily familiar to current events saying:

"So I was like, 'well that's interesting' and how the world was worrying so much about Communism, that Fascism rose up. And I look at the world at the moment, everyone getting distracted and worrying about this [and that] and if you worry too much about [this] bad things can happen here. So it is a story that I think needs to be recalled. We're calling it The Traitor King."

Vaughn isn't sure if this particular project will come to life as a television series or another movie. He told Lovitt they're currently debating the format along with figuring out which projects to prioritize following the end of the WGA strike. Fans have plenty to look forward to as Vaughn confirms that Kingsman 3 is coming next, along with an exciting reboot to his Kick-Ass franchise.

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