Skinamarink (2023)

Skinamarink Film Poster
Not Rated

Release Date
January 13, 2023
Kyle Edward Ball
Jaime Hill , Dali Rose Tetreault , Ross Paul , Lucas Paul
100 minutes
Main Genre
Kyle Edward Ball
Story By
Kyle Edward Ball, based on his short film, "Heck"
Characters By
Kyle Edward Ball
Jamie McRae
Dylan Pearce
Production Company
Mutiny Pictures, ERO Picture Company
Main Characters
Kevin, Kaylee, Father, Mother
BayView Entertainment, IFC Midnight, Shudder


An unsettling and highly experimental horror art piece, Skinamarink is the debut feature from creator Kyle Edward Ball. Based on his 2020 short, Heck, the film details a night in a house where two children discover that the windows and doors are disappearing and their parents seem to be in some disconnected fugue state. With a minimal spoken script and a sensibilitiy which plays on the primordial childhood fears of bedtime darkness, Skinamarink follows a bizarre, even taxing slow rhythm, but critics who connected with its lean presentation found it a gripping experience that's hard to shake off.


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