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Rhianna Malas is a creative writer and essayist currently living in Melbourne, Australia. An RMIT alum, she has self produced a comic zine, and has written short stories and creative non-fiction pieces published in several independent magazines including RMIT Catalyst and The Bowen Street Press. 

A horror and melodrama fan at heart, Rhianna is a one-stop shop for near encyclopaedic knowledge on cinema history, musicals, spooky stories, lavish period pieces, autism representation in film and television, and whatever else she hyperfixates on. 

Ruldolph-Valentino 1
No Movie Star’s Death Ever Hit This Hard — or Ever Will Again

Looking at the life and death of silent cinema's king of romance.

Carla Gugino in The Fall of the House of Usher 1
'Masque of the Red Death' Would've Been a Better Title for Mike Flanagan's Series

Is 'The Fall of the House of Usher' what's really being adapted?

Jeffrey Combs in  1
The Best Edgar Allan Poe Adaptation Brings Some of Horror’s Best Minds Together

“Yet mad I am not...and very surely do I not dream.”

Kwaidan Movie 1
One of the Rare Horror Epics Was Nominated for an Oscar

Looking at one of horror's biggest (and longest) epics.

Vincent Price in The House of Usher 1
Vincent Price Gave Us ‘The Fall of the House of Usher’ Way Before Mike Flanagan

"And the deep and dank tarn closed sullenly and silently over the fragments of the House of Usher."

Two children sitting on a playset in the snow in Let the Right One in 1
This Horror Movie Couple Is the Genre’s Best

Let the right one in. Let the old dreams die. Let the wrong ones go.

Phantom-of-the-Opera 1
One of the Earliest Jump Scares Is Still Influencing Horror Movies Today

Who knows where we'd be without this iconic scene from almost 100 years ago?

Gnarliest-Trap-From-the-Saw-Movies 1
The Saw Franchise’s Best Trap Isn’t Even Its Gnarliest

This trap has become as iconic as the deranged Jigsaw killer himself.

The-Black-Dahlia 1
The Real-Life Murder That Has Spawned Several Movie and TV Iterations

This unsolved cold case still captivates us.

The-Lion-King-Scar 1
The Much Darker Alternate Ending to 'The Lion King'

"Goodnight, sweet prince."

Andrew Lloyd Webber 1
Andrew Lloyd Webber Had a Reality Show

Even in reality television, the West End hits differently.

Bruce-Willis-The-Sixth-Sense-Lake-Mungo 1
This Is the Scariest Plot Twist in a Movie, and It’s Not ‘The Sixth Sense’

This movie won't only break your heart, but blow your mind.

Movie-History-Fire-Tragedy (1) 1
Pieces of Movie History Were Lost Forever in a 1937 Fire

Looking back on the infamous Fox vault fire of 1937.

You're Next Movie 1
This Horror Movie’s Alternate Ending Is Way Darker Than What We Got

It would have used a familiar horror trope but in the worst way.

Gone-with-the-Wind-Clark-Gable-Vivien-Leigh 1
The First Onscreen Curse Word Was in This Classic Movie

How an iconic line changed censoring rules.

ghosts-charlotte-ritchie-kiell-smith-bynoe-mathew-baynton-simon-farnaby-martha-howe-douglasJim-Howick 1
Why BBC's ‘Ghosts’ Is a Max Must-Watch

This ensemble cast creates magic in the original haunted UK sitcom.

The-Making-of-The-Exorcist-feature 1
Was 'The Exorcist' a Cursed Production?

Unraveling the story of one of the most infamous "cursed" films

The-Babadook-Talk-to-Me 1
A Brief History of Australian Horror, From 'Wolf Creek' to 'Talk to Me'

From Ozploitation to splatter films, the Land Down Under knows how to scare us.

Ron Perlman and Linda Hamilton in Beauty and the Beast 1
Ron Perlman Played Against Type in This Fantasy Drama TV Series

Before Hellboy, Slade, The Lich, or Clay Morrow, Perlman won a Golden Globe for his breakout performance.

First-F-Bomb-In-Cinema 1
This Is the First F-Bomb in the History of Cinema

A brief history of cinematic swearing, from the very first films to use the F-word.

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