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Jeremy Urquhart

Senior List Writer

About Jeremy Urquhart

Jeremy is an omnivore when it comes to movies. He'll gladly watch and write about almost anything, from old Godzilla films to gangster flicks to samurai movies to classic musicals to the French New Wave to the MCU. When he's not writing lists for Collider, he also likes to upload film reviews to his Letterboxd profile (username: Jeremy Urquhart) and Instagram account.

Arthouse Action Movies 1
The 10 Best Arthouse Action Movies, Ranked

Crouching Arthouse, Hidden Action.

Family Guy Characters 1
The-Wire-Dominic-West-Idris-Elba 1
The TV Series Finale That Got Everything Right

All the pieces matter, especially the final one.

War Movies - Different Perspectives 1
10 Great War Movies Told From Different Perspectives

"I see both sides like Chanel."

Until-the-End-of-the-World 1
This Underrated 5-Hour Sci-Fi Movie Nailed Its Prediction of Today

Wim Wender's 5-hour epic sci-fi road movie from the '90s has a good deal to say about life in the 2020s.

Violent Western Movies 1
Giant Monster Movies 1
Worst of 1998 Movies 1
The 10 Worst Movies of 1998, Ranked

Nineteen Ninety-Hate.

Robert Zemeckis Movies, Ranked  1
Robert Zemeckis
Every Robert Zemeckis Movie, Ranked From Worst to Best

From 'Back to the Future' to 'Forrest Gump,' they're all here.

Best Sci-Fi Movies of All Time, Ranked  1
Science Fiction
The 35 Best Sci-Fi Movies of All Time, Ranked

From classics like Metropolis and Alien to Everything Everywhere All At Once, this is Collider's ranking of the best science fiction movies ever.

Gareth Edwards Movies 1
Every Gareth Edwards Movie, Ranked From Worst to Best

"Rebellions are built on hope."

Best Jamie Lee Curtis Movies, Ranked  1
20-Best-Werner-Herzog-Movies,-Ranked 1
The 20 Best Werner Herzog Movies, Ranked

"Every man should pull a boat over a mountain once in his life."

Best John Wayne Movies, Ranked  1
John Wayne
The 25 Best John Wayne Movies of All Time, Ranked

From 'Stagecoach' to 'The Searchers' to 'True Grit,' this is Collider's ranking of the greatest, most iconic John Wayne movies.

Best Folk Horror Movies, Ranked  1
american-psycho-knife 1
The ’80s-Set Horror Movie That Most Brutally Ruined a Popular Song Forever

We’ll never listen to this song the same way again.

Best Movies of the 1960s, Ranked  1
The 25 Greatest Movies of the 1960s, Ranked

From '8 1/2' to 'The Graduate' to 'Psycho,' this is Collider's ranking of the best movies of the 1960s.

Gene Wilder Movies Ranked  1
Gene Wilder
The 10 Best Gene Wilder Movies, Ranked

"We are the music makers. And we are the dreamers of the dreams."

British Gangster Movies 1
Guy Ritchie
The 10 Best British Gangster Movies That Weren't Directed by Guy Ritchie

We promise, there's not a Ritchie in the bunch.

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