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Jeffrey Speicher is a Senior Features Writer and List Writer for Collider. He is a screenwriter as well as a film and television buff. He lives in Dallas, Texas, but can't stand the Cowboys. His crime novel, "The Snitch" is available on Amazon.

Leonardo Dicaprio in The Wolf of Wall Street 1
‘The Wolf of Wall Street’ Left Out One of the Wildest Details in Jordan Belfort’s Story

Why didn't Martin Scorsese include this fascinating part of Belfort's life story?

Josh Hartnett in 'Black Hawk Down.'  1
‘Black Hawk Down’ Ending Explained: Who Makes It Out Alive?

Who lives and who dies during the tragic Somalian military operation?

moonlighting-bruce-willis-cybill-shepherd-promo 1
Do Yourself a Favor and Watch ‘Moonlighting’

This Glenn Gordon Caron-created series starring Bruce Willis and Cybill Shepherd broke new ground in the mid-80s.

LaKeith Stanfield as Apollo in the Season 1 finale of 'The Changeling.'  1
'The Changeling' Ending Explained: Do Apollo and Emma Find Baby Brian?

'The Changeling's season finale is more than a little confusing. What just happened?

Hell-or-High-Water-Chris-Pine-Sicario-2-Soldado-Benicio-del-Toro-Josh-Brolin 1
Taylor Sheridan Should Forget the Costner Drama and Go Back to Making Cool Neo-Westerns

Taylor Sheridan should ditch Kevin Costner and go back to writing some of the best neo-Westerns like 'Hell or High Water.'

Tom Cruise in American Made 1
‘American Made’ Ending Explained: What Happened to Barry Seal?

What happens to Seal after he becomes an informant for the DEA?

flawless-philip-seymour-hoffman-robert-de-niro 1
Philip Seymour Hoffman’s Most Emotional Movie Puts Him Alongside Robert De Niro

The movie is a product of its time, but it still sees the late great actor at one of his best.

lupin-part-3-netflix-social-featured 1
'Lupin' Part 3 Ending Explained: Will We See Assane Again?

The series sets itself up for potential future seasons.

lupin-season-3-social-featured 1
'Lupin' Part 3: Our Biggest Unanswered Questions After the Finale

What will a potential Part 4 need to address?

Star-Wars-Mark-Hamill 1
How Mark Hamill's Near-Death Experience Impacted 'Empire Strikes Back'

We're lucky Mark Hamill's in 'Star Wars: Episode V - The Empire Strikes Back' at all.

The main cast of The Office the team of Dunder Mifflin 1
The 10 Best ‘The Office’ Characters, Ranked by Likability

Michael, Dwight, Pam, many to choose from, Who tops the list?

loki-season-2-episode-1-tom-hiddleston-owen-wilson 1
Forget Bucky and Steve; It’s All About Loki and Mobius

There's a new duo in the MCU and it's an unlikely one.

How-Robert-Englund-Was-Necessary-for-Freddy-Krueger-to-Work-feature 1
Robert Englund Wasn’t Wes Craven’s First Choice for Freddy Krueger

Can you imagine someone other than Robert Englund as Freddy?

The-Exorcist-Watergate (1) 1
In 1973, ‘The Exorcist’ Was as Big as Watergate

Nixon had to share the spotlight with this revolutionary horror classic.

Nowhere_Crop1_Final 1
‘Nowhere’ Ending Explained: What Happens to Mia and Her Baby?

Does Mia survive her harrowing journey?

Reptile-Netflix-Grant-Singer-Benicio-Del-Toro 1
‘Reptile’ Ending Explained: Who Murdered Summer?

Who lives and who dies at the end of ‘Reptile’?

Rami Malek as Marielle  1
‘The Pacific’ Ending Explained: Which of Our Heroes Make It Home From World War II?

What becomes of our main characters as they fight in WWII?

Split image showing Robin Williams, Jack Black, and Michelle Pfeiffer 1
Jake Gyllenhaal in The Covenant 1
Is Guy Ritchie's 'The Covenant' Based on a True Story?

Is the Jake Gyllenhaal story of a debt, a promise, and humanity true?

Guy Ritchie's The Covenant Jake Gyllenhaal Sergeant John Kinley 1
‘Guy Ritchie’s The Covenant’ Is Unlike Any War Movie for the Most Unexpected Reason

Pushing his signature style aside, ‘Guy Ritchie’s The Covenant’ is nothing like what you expect from the director — and it’s impressive.

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