For those wondering what to start watching once AHS: Delicate Part One concludes its five-episode run for Part One — FX has released the official trailer for the American Horror Stories 4-episode Huluween event, starting October 26. As opposed to the eerie animated teaser that was released earlier this month, the new trailer for American Horror Stories Season 3 zeroes in on the four-episode event in detail, and it’s just as unsettling.

Similar to the original American Horror Story, American Horror Stories is also an anthology series and is a direct spin-off of the original. It comes from the same creators Ryan Murphy and Brad Falchuk. However, instead of following a new story each season, AHStories typically follows a new story every episode — unleashing a stream of much exciting and disturbing horror stories in less time.

American Horror Stories debuted back in 2021, with Season 2 arriving in July 2022. The 4-episode Huluween event’s announcement came as a bit of a surprise, and it is now officially being dubbed Season 3.

‘American Horror Stories’ Season 3 Unveils Its Episode Titles and Plot Details

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Image via FX

Adding to the spine-tingling trailer are the further plot details of the four episodes. Starting from "Bestie," that dives into the world of digital grief, where a young woman mourning her mother's death forms an unsettling bond with an online friend — a tale written by Joe Baken and directed by Max Winkler. The episode will be followed by "Daphne," where an AI device becomes eerily attached to its owner; the episode was penned by Falchuk and Manny Coto and directed by Elegance Bratton.

"Tapeworm" then introduces us to the dark side of the modeling world, where a rising star's insatiable ambition spirals out of control — another unsettling story by Baken and directed by Alexis Martin Woodall. Finally, "Organ" sheds light on the dangers of online dating where what seems like a simple blind date takes a sinister twist, written by Coto and visualized by Petra Collins.

American Horror Stories season 3 promises a blend of eerie narratives this Halloween season. AHStories will be available to stream on Hulu on October 26, about one week after AHS: Delicate concludes its five-episode run for Part One. Check out the first trailer for American Horror Stories season 3 below.