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Robert Morgan Talks Stopmotion 1
How a "Sick Obsession" With a Short Film Became the Acclaimed Horror Movie 'Stopmotion'

Robert Morgan's feature debut is a brilliant blend of live-action and stop-motion animation that explores the lengths one will go to for their work.

The Strangers: Chapter 1 1
Here's Why 'The Strangers' Reboot Needs to Be a Trilogy

Renny Harlin and producer Courtney Solomon explain why it has to be a trilogy, how EP Madelaine Petsch helped shape the story, and tons more.

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marvel's-spider-man-2-yuri-lowenthal 1
‘Marvel’s Spider-Man 2’s Yuri Lowenthal on 19-inches of Venom and Keeping the Story Grounded

"If you just slap the symbiote on Peter and all of a sudden he's Bully Maguire, it can be comical at times."

V/H/S/85 Segment Total Copy 1
'V/H/S/85' Writer Answers All of Your Burning Questions About Rory

Here's everything you need to know about 'V/H/S/85's shapeshifting alien!

creepshow-season-4-greg-nicotero 1
Greg Nicotero on Bringing His Special Effects Magic to ‘Creepshow’ Season 4

He also compares working on the George Romero-inspired series with his experience on ‘The Walking Dead.’

Asante Blackk as Kadir Grayson in Story Ave.  1
'Story Ave' Star Asante Blackk on Art and Working With Luis Guzmán

The actor's latest film sees him proving that he is just getting started.

Brie Larson as Elizabeth Zott in Lessons in Chemistry 1
‘Lessons in Chemistry’ Producers on How Brie Larson Made Her Prickly Character So Likable

Showrunner Lee Eisenberg and director Sarah Adina Smith also talk about their unexpected storytelling choices throughout the series.

Joe Lynch Talks Suitable Flesh 1
'Suitable Flesh' Director Joe Lynch on Making a Movie With "Madness, Sexual Identity & Cosmic Body Swapping"

Heather Graham, Barbara Crampton & Judah Lewis go big in this "neo-erotica horror love story."

Luis Guzman in Story Ave.  1
'Story Ave' Star Luis Guzmán on Why This Movie Was a Personal 'Renaissance'

"If this was my last movie ever, I would feel pretty complete."

Jaz Sinclair as Marie in Gen V 1
'Gen V' Showrunner on That Shocking Reveal for Their Most Powerful Character

Michele Fazekas also talks about the hidden puppet-making skill the head of the makeup department had and how it came in handy for 'The Boys' spinoff.

anatomy-of-a-fall 1
'Anatomy of a Fall' Director Juliet Triet and Star Sandra Hüller on Making One of the Best Films of the Year

They also discuss getting the rights to 50 Cent's "P.I.M.P." & the French courts.

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Marc and Heidi D'Amelio 1
‘The D’Amelio Show’s' Marc and Heidi Insist They're A Normal Family in the Throes of Fame [Interview]

The parents of TikTok stars Dixie and Charli D’Amelio want you to know their family is normal on Hulu’s ‘The D’Amelio Show’.

Shake Chatterjee of House of Villains 1
Shake Chatterjee Hopes ‘House of Villains’ Will Change How ‘Love Is Blind’ Fans See Him [Interview]

Shake is ready to leave 'Love Is Blind' behind and says 'House of Villains' suits his personality.

kevin-wright-loki-season-2 1
'Loki' Season 2 Producer on Why Loki is Time Slipping, Season 3 Possibilities, and Why McDonald's

Kevin Wright talks about Loki and Sylvie's consequences, introducing Ke Huy Quan to the MCU & if Marvel asked for anything to be included in Season 2.

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CROWNED interview image 1
Vivica A. Fox’s New Show ‘CROWNED’ Gives Its Viewers Unfiltered Truth [Interview]

‘CROWNED’, a new series that premiered this month on In The Black Network, features Vivica A. Fox, Syleena Johnson, Chanel Scott, and Kendra G.

shelter-harlan-coben 1
Harlan Coben Wants ‘Shelter’ Season 2 to Be Darker

The Amazon Prime Video show’s creator also reveals the one thing he insisted happen in Season 1 and the biggest changes from the book to the show.

Matt-Shakman-Monarch-Legacy-of-Monsters 1
'Monarch: Legacy of Monsters' Director Matt Shakman on Creating New Titans & Bringing in Kurt Russell [Exclusive]

Shakman also talks about working with Toho and Legendary, whether they follow the comics, Titan-sized set pieces, and more!

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custom-image-zilot-and-other-important-rhymes-bob-odenkirk-erin-odenkirk 1
Bob Odenkirk and Daughter Erin on Turning Silly Childhood Poems Into 'Zilot & Other Important Rhymes'

They also talk about what it was like to live in a household where artistic expression and constructive criticism coexist.

foe-garth-davis 1
How Director Garth Davis Made "Two Movies In One" With 'Foe'

Davis discusses what he was most anxious about working with Saoirse Ronan & Paul Mescal and why he opted for the sci-fi drama over 'Tron: Ares.'

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Anaita Wali Zada in Fremont 1
'Fremont' Director on the Brilliance of Gregg Turkington and Anaita Wali Zada

Director Babak Jalali shares how his acclaimed dramedy came together and why his focus was always on the humanity of the characters.

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