The Big Picture

  • Voice actor Tara Strong has been fired from the animated series Boxtown after expressing support for Israel and controversially calling the bombing of the Gaza Strip "smart."
  • Strong claimed on social media that she was being fired for being Jewish, but the show's creator, who is also Jewish, makes this claim seem unlikely.
  • Boxtown announced open auditions for the role Strong voiced, indicating that her work on the show had already been completed. A release date and trailer for Boxtown have yet to be announced.

After voicing Loki’s Ms. Minutes and helping make it one of the most popular characters from the Marvel series, voice actor Tara Strong has been recast in a project she worked on. The actor was fired from the upcoming animated series Boxtown – a decision that was reached after the actor took to X (formerly Twitter) to voice her support for Israel and calling the bombing of the Gaza Strip “smart.”

After writing a post that called Palestine “a country people love to hate,” Strong came under fire online and faced backlash for supporting the Gaza Strip strike, an extremist action that claimed the lives of hundreds of people (including children), injured thousands, and displaced thousands of families that lived in the area. After finding out through social media that her role would be recast, Strong claimed on the same social network that she was getting fired for being Jewish.

The Boxtown official account announced that they will hold open auditions for Bill, the role that Strong voiced. The actor then replied to the post, stating that “this is what happens when you help fans get shows made I guess. Fired for being Jewish. Glad I helped you get your kickstarter money. Please lose my email address & pray for my family in Israel and in Gaza.”

Image via DC Entertainment

Even though Boxtown never explicitly stated the reasons why Strong was recast, the actor’s claim that she was fired for her religious beliefs seems like a long shot, since the show’s creator, writer and director Charlie Gavin is also Jewish. Even though Strong didn’t directly address her Palestine-Israel comments on the reply, the actor repeatedly posted messages in support of Israel, writing that “everyone hates Jews” and comparing Hamas to Al Qaeda and Isis.

The Issue With Supporting Israel

What Israel supporters aren’t factoring in is the fact that Hamas is a response to equally cruel attacks to the Gaza Strip that have happened for years, and this is what people have been trying to point out online to the voice actor and others. After the severe backlash, Strong started referring to concerns to “innocents” on both sides of the conflict, called everything “heartbreaking” and reposted messages about the importance of protecting civilians regardless of “who they are or where they are.”

Boxtown is an upcoming animated series that came to life via crowdfunding. It centers around a private detective who forms an unlikely bond with an 8-year-old orphan. Strong voiced the kid and, by the looks of it, her work had been finished before she was recast. Since the team will have open auditions for the role of Bill, it will be a little while before we know who will be the new voice of the 8-year-old detective.

Boxtown is yet to get a release date and trailer. You can check out the Strong-Boxtown interaction below: